Boost Sales with your own CPG Ecommerce

Consumer Packaged Goods will be a $ 14 trillion USD business by 2025. That’s an annual growth of 3.0% from 2021-2027. Get your piece of the pie by tapping into online e-commerce, now.

Get into ecommerce fast by:

  • Building your own Direct to Consumer online store

  • Social media selling

  • Connecting your business to Amazon

  • Create an easy subscription service for your loyal shoppers

  • Grow your sales with your own online marketplace

It all starts with a pressure free discussion. Work with the partner that brings years of CPG experience working with brands like:


CPG in ecommerce is here to stay. Consumers want the ease and convenience, of online shopping to get to your products. So, use the web to reach more customers who crave your goods. Give them the option of buying through your traditional channels, or direct from your brand!

Solve Your Consumer Packaged Goods Business Needs Quick


When time is of the essence and you need to adapt fast, you will need — besides a trusted technology integration partner — the perfect technology to help you deploy quickly. OSF's Quick Start D2C (Direct to Consumers) is an out-of-the-box commerce solution, to connect you directly with your fans, advocates, and consumers.

This innovative solution, developed by OSF Digital, brings the power of Salesforce Commerce Cloud to your brand. It opens a new revenue channel reaching regions that you might not previously have sold into. Best of all, launch your ecommerce site and start selling directly to consumers — in just three weeks. Talk with us to find out how.


TealKart Marketplace, developed by OSF Digital, leverages the capabilities of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Experience Cloud, and Salesforce Sales Cloud for merchants that want to grow commercial visibility. Create your own online marketplace—fast and at a lower cost—for your partner vendors. Get risk-free product expansion and stay ahead of the competition. The first online marketplace natively built on Salesforce Commerce and Experience Cloud platforms.


When time is of the essence and you must adapt — besides the help of a technology integration partner — you need the perfect technology to help you implement with speed. Fast Commerce CG is OSF’s pre-packaged Salesforce Commerce Cloud solution designed for consumer goods retailers and commerce brands that are seeking to ensure their online experience exceeds their customers’ expectations and optimizes the shopping journey every step of the way.

This innovative solution, developed by OSF Digital — a trusted system integrator and Salesforce Commerce Cloud platinum partner — and approved by Salesforce, helps merchants go to market fast and at an affordable cost, with a fully-fledged online shop.

OSF's Quick Start Bottlers is an out-of-the-box commerce solution, designed specifically for bottling companies that are selling products through distributors, and are now affected by the changes caused by the pandemic.

This innovative solution, developed by OSF Digital, and powered by Salesforce Commerce Cloud, helps brands open a new revenue and distribution channel by quickly launching an ecommerce website to start selling direct to consumers — in just three weeks.

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